September 24, 2023

If you’re playing Starfield with PC, then you already know mods are one of the best things you can apply to games. They improve quality of life, they make games run smoother, and sometimes they just change your character models to something completely obscene. Either way, mods are a huge benefit to playing on PC. There are already a lot of people making mods for Starfield, and a good amount of them are performance-enhancing, helping the game run better on your rig.

Starfield performance-enhancing mods

In an interview with Bloomberg about how the game is running on PC and the complaints people had about optimization, Todd replied with, “So you may need to upgrade your PC for this game.” That’s great, Todd, but we don’t all have a spare million lying around for a new graphics card. Never fear, though. These performance-enhancing mods will pick up the slack where Bethesda left it in Starfield.

Mod #1 Starfield Upscaler

Find it and download it here.

So, Bethesda shipped Starfield with the FSR2 upscaler, which is specifically for AMD cards, but not with DLSS or XeSS for Nvidia or Intel cards. This has left a lot of players put out, as upscaling is an amazing way to run any game incredibly smoothly.

This mod simply allows your graphics card to utilize its inbuilt upscaling system to run a game at a lower graphic setting. It can then use its AI to fill in the gaps, giving buttery smooth FPS at high resolutions.

Mod #2 Starfield Performance Optimizations

Grab it here.

Does what it says on the tin. Sometimes a game just needs a few tweaks to get it from good to great, and this is where this mod steps in. Optimization and performance-enhancing tweaks have been made to Starfield in a way only our beloved modding community can. If your PC is having a hard time, give this one a try.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Mod #3 Starfield Performance BOOST

Find it on Nexus here.

This mod looks to increase performance between 5% and 15% without changing the rendering quality of the game at all. This one is particularly focused on weaker PCs, offering a much bigger performance boost.

This mod is dedicated to not affecting the resolution at all. Instead, this mod focuses on game file performance optimization for a higher FPS in Starfield.

Mod #4 Starfield Performance Texture Pack

Available on Nexus here.

This mod has basically brute-forced all the textures to a lower resolution. This means that even low-end PCs can run the game at ultra settings. It doesn’t make the game look particularly attractive, but it does make it run a lot better.

Best Performance Enhancing Mods in Starfield

Image: PC Invasion

Mod #5 Starfield Optimized Textures

This one can be found here.

Textures loading into Starfield are what slows the game down and creates a lot of FPS drop in the game. By optimizing all these textures, it becomes possible to run the game at a much smoother FPS. You can also have a decent resolution to boot. So, this performance-enhancing mod in Starfield does just that.


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