Trump’s Lead Just Got Scarier—but This Dem Still Sees a Path for Biden

Ron Klain: Well, I’d say, look, I think, I don’t think we’re really down that much. I think it’s, as I said, I think it’s a close race. I think it’s been a close race all along. I think it’s going to be a close race right until the end. I think that we need to win the voters who have doubts about both candidates. And what I’d say is, in that respect, Trump is more like the incumbent, where if you’re at this stage in the game, and you’re not a Trump voter, you have doubts about voting Biden, but I think if you’re not a Trump voter, you’re going to come home to Joe Biden because if you were going to be a Trump voter, you’re a Trump voter.

So I think if you look at a state and says the state now is 47 Trump, 45 Biden, those people who are not under either candidate are coming back to Joe Biden. 

I think it’s just him going out there, him campaigning vigorously as he has the past two weeks. Obviously, today he’s tied up with the NATO meetings, but he’ll be back on the road later this week. He was in Wisconsin last week. He’s headed to Michigan this week. I think as people see him, and I think they just are reminded about what they like about him, that he is from the working class, that he is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. The contrast we drew in the 2020 campaign also applies here, the difference between Mar-a-Lago values and Scranton values. I think he’s the superb banner-carrier for that. And I think that message will gradually win him the voters who are not really enthusiastic about either candidate. 

Greg Sargent: Okay. I want to try to bear down on what you’re saying there. Sounds to me like what you’re saying is that there are, you know, there’s a, there’s a slice of that, what they call “double haters.” I really don’t like that phrase, but whatever, we, we all know what it means. Double hater is a voter who doesn’t like either candidate. You’re saying that there’s maybe two to three percentage points of these voters who are out there. Maybe they’re moving toward Trump now because of the aftermath of the debate and doubts that that raised, but that those are the ones who are gettable again, right?