The First Descendant Frost Walker Boss Guide – Gamezebo

The mechanics for The First Descendant Frost Walker boss are tricky to work out at first! Even when you do know how to counter its attacks, it’s a tough fight for sure.

Battle the Frost Walker in The First Descendant with these tips! For more boss walkthroughs, take a look at our guides on The First Descendant Hanged Man, The First Descendant Stunning Beauty, and The First Descendant Pyromaniac.

The First Descendant Frost Walker Boss

The Frost Walker boss is a tough foe to beat when it comes to the mechanics. If you don’t learn the mechanics, you’ll fail to do them correctly, thus leading to a defeat. It’s important to learn the rules of the fight before you dive in, saving yourself time, and your party members!

Firstly, I recommend doing this boss fight with a team, and not solo. This is because someone in your party needs to be the designated person to collect the flames. What are these flames, you ask? When you hit the weak points of the Frost Walker, it shoots out embers that drop onto the battlefield. These embers don’t have to be picked up straight away, as they remain in place at all times.

The Embers

When you do pick up an ember, you get a green buff icon on the left of your screen called ‘Embers’. The designated party member needs to collect a total of 5 embers, with the 6th being the final one to activate the attack. The buff then turns from ‘Embers’ to ‘Flames’. This buff has a timer, but it should last until the first freeze attack occurs, as long as you time it right. Also, try to avoid getting hit, as this removes an ember from your stack.

Eventually, the Frost Walker unleashes a party-wide freeze attack at around 7:30 on the boss timer – you don’t want to get caught in the middle of that. To counter this move, all party members must huddle around the player who collected the embers. If you’re too far away from this player, you will be frozen in place. The mechanic repeats itself after this if the battle is still ongoing!