Snowbreak: Containment Zone celebrates one year anniversary with powerful free recruit

It has been one year since Snowbreak: Containment Zone launched, and it has done pretty well for itself, which personally makes me quite pleased as I quite enjoyed it. It especially fared well in Asia, hitting #2 on the App Store in China, and #1 on Steam in Japan, and the celebrate Seasun have released their latest massive update.

The ninth chapter in the Snowbreak saga has been dubbed The Suspense in Skytopia and brings with it a host of new content. There are two brand-new operatives to recruit, weapons to wield, two events to complete, and an enhanced dormitory system. You can access additional relationship levels, and even romance your favourite characters. It was bound to happen eventually.

We are circling back to where it all started with the operatives, with Lyfe and Fenny getting new operations. Lyfe will have a new setup dubbed Infinite Sight, whereas Fenny will be rocking one called Starshine. You will be able to get your hands on Starshine for free simply by logging on before August 22nd, and you will get her logistics Reverie Squad to boot.

Also when logging in, you will find yourself in receipt of a plethora of other rewards. Check your mail to find the ten free Echoes, and you will also receive a reset of the Mail Supply Reward Bonus. If you are hoping for exclusive outfits and Manifestation Echo Covenants then you are in luck, as you can grab these by completing tasks through the login event.

Finally, and by no means last, you can enjoy a special Anniversary event. You can enjoy a new Star Master gameplay-inspired island map, featuring a new gacha mechanic to obtain units through. You can enjoy some new fishing activities, and a capture mechanic with boss enemies, topped off with the opportunity to earn yourself exclusive rewards.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.