Double Dragon Revive Continues a Classic Franchise’s Rebirth Next Year

Arc System Works and Yuke’s have announced Double Dragon Revive, a new entry in the long-running Double Dragon series of beat-’em-up games.

Due to land sometime in 2025, Double Dragon Revive transposes the classic action gameplay of the series into 3D, giving the iconic Lee brothers a modern makeover as they take on “powerful foes from their past”.

Although the game is in 3D, it looks like the gameplay will still take place mostly along a 2D plane, although you will be able to knock enemies into the background or use area-of-effect attacks to take down enemies from different angles.

Double Dragon Revive will adapt the series’ classic gameplay with modern visuals.

Developer Yuke’s and publisher Arc System Works are promising “the same simple and intuitive gameplay” you love about classic Double Dragon, but “with controls and balance refined for the modern era”.

Revive will offer a “carefully crafted experience” supervised by Arc System Works staff, with the publisher pointing to its extensive experience in the fighting genre as proof it can be trusted with the franchise.

According to the two studios, Double Dragon Revive won’t just let you get away with button-mashing; instead, you’ll have to carefully observe your enemies to spot patterns and pick out your timings.

Don’t worry, though. Double Dragon isn’t about to turn into a Soulslike; it’s still the same side-scrolling beat-’em-up you know and love, by the looks of things, but with a few modern twists to keep things interesting.

This is the second Double Dragon game to be announced in as many years, after last year’s pixel art roguelite Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons.

Unlike its cousin, however, Revive is going for a more modern 3D style rather than the nostalgic retro look. It remains to be seen whether Arc System Works and Yuke’s can pull it off, but I’m rooting for them.

Double Dragon Revive launches on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2025. Stay tuned for more.