Best Home Ellipticals in 2024

Over our years of testing, we’ve established a methodology that helps us evaluate and score each piece of fitness equipment we test. We use that data to help us recommend the best equipment for every type of person. We judge fitness equipment based on the following criteria:

Features: We look at the types of features offered by these pieces of equipment, how advanced or simple these features are, and whether the machine can connect to built-in or third-party apps, smartwatches and gadgets. A machine with good features should ideally have a built-in touchscreen and connect easily to Wi-Fi and compatible apps. No matter how sophisticated it is, it should be intuitive for the majority of users to use.

Software: Many of these machines have programs built in, so we look to see how easy they are to use and any challenges we experience when accessing them or connecting to external compatible devices.

Functionality: When testing, we determine if the machine works as promised or is faulty. Additionally, we observe how intuitive it is to use, whether it has all the bells and whistles or is minimalistic. For example, we know some users will want a machine that’s straightforward without any advanced technology, but the device should still function as promised. If the machine is more modern, it should still be easy to use by anyone, whether you are a tech pro or someone less familiar with the latest innovations.

Assembly: We know people want to know how easy it is to put a workout machine together and how long it will approximately take, so we make a note of that. Fitness equipment tends to be heavy and depending on the machine, transferring it into your home and putting it together can be a two-person job. We also look at whether they have the option to choose a white glove delivery and if it’s free or a fee is required.

Warranty: It’s important to know the warranty information for your equipment in case you experience any issues with it and need a replacement. Since these are big purchases, you should feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting a top-quality product. In the event something needs replacing, the window for replacement or refund should be spelled out clearly. The length of a warranty will vary depending on the type of machine you own, what falls under the warranty and what the manufacturer is willing to cover. 

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