Recruit a powerful new sword master in Aether Gazer’s latest major update

Aether Gazer has unveiled a major update to coincide with the launch of the Fall of the Human God event. This adds Chapter 18 to the main story, as well as introducing a new S-Grade Modifier to recruit and some Modifier Outfits for the fashionista in you.

Our new S-Grade Modifier, Somezakura – Buzenbo Tengu, is a Kendo expert. When using her third skill, Somezakura, she will unlock the full power of Sakuragiri and enter the Sakuya state. Her ultimate skill, Execution by Thousand Petals, bombards enemies with countless slashing attacks for massive Thunder DMG, whilst buffing her team’s Crit rate. She will also charge the Ultimate Skill gauge whenever she or a teammate triggers Zero Time.

She will also get two Ultimate Skillchains to play with. Party with Shinri – Tsukuyomi and you can rock the Moonlit Sakura attack, or you can go for the bigger sync. Have Shinri – Tsukuyomi, Somezakura – Buzenbo Tengu, and Jin-ei – Kuninotokotachi together, and you can destroy opponents with Pheasant Under the Blood Moon.

Whilst you are already putting together your new team, check out the Feather in the Storm sigil. The set has a flat increase to Thunder DMG, and buff Skill DMG for a few seconds each time a Thunder skill hits, which is stackable. Perfect for Buzenbo, and speaking of perfection, the five-star Functor Shikigami – Seiranubume has also been added.

You can now obtain Buzenbo Tengu and a smattering of A-Grade Modifeiers using the Sakura In Full Bloom Precise Scan & Anchored Precise Scan. If you want to start putting the Pheasant team together, you could also check out the Swordcant Under the Moonbeams Precise Scan, featuring a drop boost for Shinri – Tsukuyomi.

Finally, if you are lacking in the threads department, you can head to the store for some new outfits. There is a limited-time SWAT Girl attire for Buzenbo if you really want to show off that fandom, or you can browse the host of other deals on offer.

Aether Gazer is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now.