Treacherous Mansion Gem locations in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Today, we’re going over the locations for all of the Treacherous Mansion Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD. If you missed our previous guide covering the Secret Mine gem locations, you can catch up via that link before you continue.

The Treacherous Mansion is the final mansion in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, and its gems look like diamonds. These are certainly the trickiest gems in the game, and several of them require extensive backtracking and rather difficult puzzles. We’ve also listed the missions that each gem is available in.

Gem #1 (Underground Lab, E-1)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 1

When you first enter this area, you’ll see a bunch of Greenies messing with a suit of armor. After they leave, use the Poltergust on the wheel to zap the armor and reveal a hidden Boo. Defeat him and the armor’s head will fall off. Suck up the helmet and shoot it at a jar in this room containing the first Treacherous Mansion gem location!

Gem #2 (Haunted Catacombs, E-1)

Diamond 2

After the Polterpup pops out, look around you to see a suit of armor holding a sword. Follow the direction the suits’ swords are pointing and you’ll eventually come across an area where there are no suits of armor. One is actually hidden here, so reveal it with your Dark-Light Device and continue following the path. You’ll find a painting containing a ball of web and some fire you can use to free the nearby diamond.

Gem #3 (Cliffside, E-1)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 3

Follow the suits of armor with the swords and head all the way south when you see the cobweb containing the second diamond. There’s a door here – enter it and you’ll find the third Treacherous Mansion gem location on a nearby vine.

Gem #4 (Front Entrance, E-2)

Diamond 4

There’s a hidden statue on the right of the staircase that you can reveal with your Dark-Light Device. Do so, and then suck up and pull on the chain. There’s a safe underneath the staircase – flash it with your light to reveal the next Treacherous Mansion gem.

Gem #5 (Restrooms, E-2)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 5

To the left of the normal entrance to the Restrooms is a hidden door you can reveal with your Dark-Light Device. Then pull on the chain near the toilet and another diamond will pop out.

Gem #6 (Gargoyle Roof, E-2)

Diamond 6

In the Ice Age exhibit, you can suck up on pull the woolly mammoth’s trunk with your Poltergust. Do that, and you’ll be launched into a new room called the Gargoyle Roof. You’ll need to use fallen stars present throughout the room to complete the constellation you see in the sky. Once it’s finished, you’ll receive another Treacherous Mansion gem.

Gem #7 (Ancient Exhibit, E-2)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 7

Start in the Dark Age Exhibit. After it’s been cleared of ghosts, grab a wooden bucket and then use the portals to head over to the Jungle Exhibit. Once there, fill it up with water and then use the portals to head to the Ancient Exhibit. At the very top of this area is a flower. Splash it with water and it will spit out a gem. This is one of the trickier Treacherous Mansion gem locations!

Gem #8 (Aviation Exhibit, E-3)

Diamond 8

Pull on one of the chains that’s attached to the hot air balloon. Defeat the ghosts that appear and then pull on the second chain. You’ll receive another diamond!

Gem #9 (Nautical Exhibit, E-3)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 9

This Treacherous Mansion gem is located in the Nautical Exhibit, but you’ll actually need to start in the Jungle Exhibit. Once there, grab a piece of wood and use the portals to head back to the Nautical Exhibit. Drop the log onto the life ring on the left side of the ship to open a passage. Open the chest found here to obtain this gem!

Gem #10 (Dark Age Exhibit, E-3)

Diamond 10

Once you’ve activated the Study’s portal, grab a balloon plant from it and then head back to the front entrance. Float over toward the right wall and you’ll arrive at an area with a statue holding a book in its mouth. Bring that book to the bookshelf in the Dark Age Exhibit to reveal this gem.

Gem #11 (Jungle Exhibit, E-3)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 11

Grab another balloon plant from the Study, but this time take it to the Jungle Exhibit. Float upward and you’ll see a gold balloon plant – swap them out using the Poltergust and a bunch of coins will appear. Collect all of the coins before time runs out to obtain this gem.

Gem #12 (Ice Age Exhibit, E-3)

Diamond 12

Take a balloon plant to the Ice Age Exhibit and fly upward. Once again, you’ll see a golden balloon plant – suck it up to start another timed coin minigame. If you win, you’ll receive another Treacherous Mansion gem.

Gem #13 (Train Exhibit, E-3)

Treacherous Mansion Gem locations 13

Use your Dark-Light Device to reveal a hidden part of the train track. A big train will enter the room – hop on and you’ll receive the final Treacherous Mansion gem! With that, you’ve now obtained every single gem Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD has to offer. Congratulations!

Our guides for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD aren’t quite finished yet, so if you’d like to stay up to date, check out our master list of them right here. More to come soon.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is available now for Switch. Check out the official site here.

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