hololive VTubers sing for the Dodgers-Brewers game

hololive’s non-Japanese fanbase got a boost when several of their main performers appeared during a recent American baseball game.

Gawr Gura of hololive English along with Pekora Usada and Suisei Hoshimachi of hololive Japan became special guests in a Los Angeles Dodgers x hololive collaboration. The game also coincides with the 2024 Los Angeles Anime Expo.

At the seventh inning, the screen suddenly showed an image of the shark girl singing “Take Me Out of the Ball Game”, to a rapturous crowd singing along the baseball classic.

Usada Pekora, the rabbit girl from hololive Japan and blue-haired Hoshimachi Suisei also appeared on the board during the Dodgers-Brewers game, as shown by a video recorded by a fan:

It looks like despite efforts of the Brewers to edge the Dodgers, it was said that the efforts of Gura, Suisei, Pekora, and the Dodgers team were enough to rally back and claim a 8-5 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

To cap off their win, a drone show after the game concluded the collaboration, as reported by another fan:

The event was also decked with hololive merchandise stands for the collaboration, where fans could get special hololive trading cards and shirts for the game.

Reports suggest a very long line of people waiting for merchandise, which staff of the Dodgers stadium said that the line for hololive merchandise is the longest so far.