Exoprimal Will Get No New Content Going Forward, Capcom Confirms

Capcom has announced that Exoprimal content drops are coming to an end after the dino-hunting game’s current season comes to an end next week.

In an official announcement on its website, Capcom says that “all planned Exoprimal seasonal content has been finished”, and that from this point onward, the game’s four seasons will begin to cycle, with Season 1 making a return after Season 4 concludes.

You’ll also be able to buy Exoprimal‘s first three Season Passes again, so if there was anything you missed the first time around, you’ll get another opportunity to snag it soon.

Exoprimal isn’t getting any new content after the current season finishes.

The game’s servers will remain operational, and events like the double XP campaign or the endgame Savage Gauntlet will also continue to occur on a regular basis.

Additionally, Capcom says that all of Exoprimal‘s game modes, including the Dino Survival mode, the aforementioned Savage Gauntlet, and the Time Loop Rebellion mode, will remain available.

In anticipation of the game’s player count dwindling, Capcom says that bots will continue to be added to multiplayer games if there aren’t enough players to make up the numbers.

Still, from this point onward, if you were hoping for more Exoprimal events like the game’s Monster Hunter crossover or new Exosuits, then it looks like you’re sadly out of luck. You’ll have to make do with what’s already there, I’m afraid.

A player shooting at enemies in front of them in Exoprimal
You’re out of luck if you were hoping for more new stuff to do in Exoprimal.

If you’re not familiar with Exoprimal, it’s a PvPvE multiplayer game in which teams of players must do battle with massive dinosaurs (some of whom sport mutations for an extra challenge), as well as with each other.

Several different Exosuits are available to players, each with a different set of skills for bringing down dino enemies (and pesky opposing player teams, of course).

Exoprimal is available right now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you want to know whether this multiplayer dino sim is worth your time, make sure to take a look at our review for the full rundown.