Helldivers 2 players theorize that the Automatons may be hacking the system to send us away from the Major Order

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The latest Helldivers 2 Major Order has seemed suspiciously easy with it being very easy to keep X-45 under Super Earth’s control. With just two days to go, Arrowhead Game Studios has thrown a major wrench in the works and now it looks like the Major Order is in jeopardy as a new Strategic Alert is diverting players away to another sector. But, what if the alert didn’t come from Super Earth and instead was sent by the Automatons?

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U/ChingaderaRara took to Reddit to share a theory that the recent Strategic Alert is not from Super Earth and is instead the result of the Automatons hacking the system. The Strategic Alert is currently sending players away from the Ymir Sector to Aesirs Pass to defend planets from the robot army. This will leave X-45 exposed which could lead to the Automatons taking control of it, causing players to fail the Major Order. They shared their theory by saying,

“1.-A few days ago we got a message about the automatons hacking into our systems via phishing.

2.-The Ymir sector has been cut off from the rest of Super Earth territory for weeks with no negative effect on that little enclave.

3.-The MO requires us to defend X-45, which we successfully did twice.

4.-The only way for the bots to reach X-45 now is through Vega Bay or Meissa. Both planets are under Super Earth control, so the bots launched an attack on both.

5.-We were successfully defending Meissa (though Vega was lagging behind)

6-Suddenly an attack occurs on Aesir Pass with a message telling us is super important to defend it for the operations on the Ymir sector.

7.-The attack arrives with a higher invasion rate than any other defense operation ever (6.2 instead of the regular 4.x) which doesn’t make sense.

8.-The defense rate of the planet is jumping all over the place, going as low as 0.1% for a few seconds before jumping as high as 80% per hour and then going back to around 3-4%

9.-On average, the liberation % of Aesir Pass is higher than Vega Bay, despite Vega Bay having a slightly higher Helldiver population and Aesir Pass having a higher HP than Vega Bay, which also doesn’t make sense.”

According to Helldivers.io, this diversion has split the player base between Vega Bay and Aesir Pass, which is now causing both planets to fail. This could cause Vega Bay to fall which would open up X-45 to the Automatons. There are over two days left before the current Major Order ends, so it is possible that the Helldivers could regain control in time, but with over 46% of players fighting on the Terminid planets, resources may be spread too thin.

With the Viper Commandos Warbond being recently released, and the next one not far away, securing the Medals from the Major Order is much needed to unlock the new available items. To help do your bit for democracy and serve Liber-tea to the Automstons, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your team can be fully equipped to take down the robot army and secure the Ymir Sector.

Helldivers 2

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    February 8, 2024
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