Factorio: Space Age Expansion Release Date Revealed for Fall

Wube Software has announced the Factorio: Space Age expansion release date, and the long-awaited DLC pack, which will add tons of new stuff to the game, is coming this fall.

Per a new Friday Facts post on the official Factorio website, Factorio: Space Age launches on October 21st, which Wube says will “give [them] enough time after summer vacations to polish the release”, as well as leaving enough time before Christmas for extra bug fixes if necessary.

Space Age will set you back $35, which is the same price as the base Factorio game costs right now. That should clue you in as to just how much Wube is packing into this DLC.

Factorio: Space Age will add lots of new stuff, including new areas in which to build your factory.

Space Age was originally announced all the way back in 2021 and was originally targeting a 2022 release, although that window fell by the wayside as work on what would eventually become Space Age ramped up.

Eventually, in August last year, Wube Software announced both the name of the expansion and a new 2024 release window, as well as detailing some of the new additions Space Age will bring to Factorio.

These include new space platforms that represent your factory’s “first foray into space”, as well as a number of new alien landscapes with different weather patterns and climates to adjust to.

You can also look forward to a number of new gameplay-evolving mechanics like elevated rails for your trains, new item quality tiers, and even enemy creatures against which you’ll need to defend if you want to ensure the safety of your factory.

A shot showing a train running on elevated rails in Factorio: Space Age
Elevated rails will give your factory an extra kick in Factorio: Space Age.

If you don’t feel like paying for the DLC, don’t worry; a major Factorio update is also scheduled to arrive alongside the DLC, and that one will be free for everyone.

Factorio Version 2.0, as Wube is calling it, will bring lots of tweaks and improvements, including new “smarter worker robots”, a new fluid system, and much, much more. The full patch notes will likely be revealed closer to the date.

You’ll be able to check out Factorio: Space Age when it launches on October 21st for PC. Stay tuned for more on this one.