4 best robot vacuums for carpet and rugs in 2024

Who it’s for:

Shoppers looking to squeeze the longest feature menu out of a sub-$1,000 budget should look to Eufy’s newest flagship model. With small obstacle avoidance and a fully self-sufficient mopping system, the X10 Pro Omni is way more autonomous than the similarly-priced Roomba Combo j7+ or Roborock Q8 Max+. The X10 Pro Omni has amazing battery life even when using its highest suction mode, making it ideal for tackling lots of square footage or multiple stories without needing to charge.

If your home is anything like senior shopping reporter Leah Stodart’s — where a chaotic underbed storage situation and rogue extension cords make it tricky to run many robot vacuums when you’re not home — you’ll want to prioritize AI-powered small obstacle avoidance, like Eufy has given the X10 Pro Omni.

Why we picked this:

Eufy’s CES 2024 contribution should be more expensive than it is. Not to be confused with the (less impressive, more expensive) Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni, the Eufy X10 Pro Omni is the brand’s first self-emptying hybrid model that also self-refills the water tank and self-washes and dries the mopping pads, all within that same self-empty dock. That fully self-sufficient mopping system is a feature we’ve seen before, but one we’ve never really seen before below $1,000.

While its dual spinning mopping pads are exceptional scrubbers, Eufy’s carpet cleaning deserves equal attention. On paper, 8,000 Pa of suction is beastly at any price point. During in-home testing, it successfully cleared a thick, purposefully-spilled heap of rice from a medium pile runner and soil from a flat weave rug. It only struggled on deep cleaning spilled flour, but a powdery spill shouldn’t be a common occurrence.

Stodart came across one quirk that hinders Eufy’s impressive suction power from cleaning to its full potential. Its obstacle avoidance camera was working so hard to not get stuck that it mistook a small fluffy bath mat for clothing and gave up on one section of the bathroom all together, leaving strewn kitty litter untouched. Unfortunately, Eufy’s app doesn’t let you dismiss a perceived obstacle as “incorrect,” so the bath mat needed to be moved.