ReFantazio Showcase Reveals Two New Companions and Their Archetypes

Atlus has released a new showcase video Metaphor: ReFantazio, Studio Zero’s upcoming fantasy RPG, offering more details on the story, setting, and characters. It covered the various companions met through the protagonist’s journey and introduced two more – Neuras and Junah.

Neuras is the pilot of the Gauntlet Runner, formerly a designer for the royal family. Though not participating in combat, he brings some levity and awakens the Gunner Archetype. As the player bonds with Neuras, they’ll see the Gauntlet Runner potentially change in addition to improving their skills.

Junah is a highly popular songstress with an “unexpectedly important background.” Her Archetype is the Masked Dancer, and Persona artist Shigenori Soejima is her designer, taking inspiration from the “Swinging London” movement from the 60s for her outfit. The developer also reiterated the eight tribes and how they were “created from scratch” based on people’s innate traits.

Metaphor: ReFantazio launches on October 11th for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the latest story trailer here.