NYC Neighbors Claim Tenant Runs Around Naked, Gives Children Nightmares

A man in Queens is making his neighbors crazy with terror due to his actions inside his apartment building, residents and court documents claim.

Forty-eight-year-old Alexandre Lais has been accused of running through the hallway naked, screaming into a megaphone, and denting the walls with a hammer at the building located at 23-35 Broadway, the New York Post reported on Saturday.

An image shows the naked man outside what seems to be an apartment and a door with what appear to be large dents in it:

One of his neighbors said, “We’re all terrified,” and also noted her children have nightmares about the man and sleep under their beds at night. Another resident claimed he kicks people’s doors, tosses things out of his window, and has threatened to burn the building down.

The Post article noted that Lais has never been arrested and though the building’s owners have tried to evict him in court for quite some time, a judge dismissed the case. However, Broadway Crescent Realty tried to get it going again in December.

The outlet says the building is rent-stabilized.

Lais has been accused of running through the halls naked, masturbating in common areas, and threatening people with hammers,

Other residents claim they have heard chainsaw noises from his apartment, looped recordings of himself talking, and loud pornography.

The man’s LinkedIn profile reportedly says he is a software engineer.

“We have repeatedly called the police as well and we made every effort possible to remove this tenant. We feel terrible about your situation, but you must know that it is a huge burden to us as well,” Broadway Crescent Realty said in a recent email to residents.

In the past two years, law enforcement has been called to the building 281 times and there have been about 265 noise complaints called in to 311. Meanwhile, Broadway Crescent has reportedly refused to hire security to keep tenants safe because of the expensive bill attached to it.

There have been numerous instances involving apparently disturbed unclothed people in New York City. One incident happened in 2021 when a naked man was accused of shoving another individual off a Harlem subway platform onto the tracks.

After the victim was pushed, another person jumped down to help him, but the suspect followed and began arguing with the Good Samaritan. The two struggled and that was when the suspect hit the third rail.

“A train coming into the station at the time of the incident did not make contact with the two surviving passengers. They were later transported to St. Luke’s Hospital suffering from minor injuries,” the report said.

Video footage of that altercation can be seen here.