North Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate: ‘Some folks need killing’

Republicans sure know how to pick them, huh? 

In an hour-long diatribe in a church, North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. and gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson tossed aside the Ten Commandments his ilk want to install in schoolrooms. Rather than “thou shall not kill,” Robinson opined with, “Some folks need killing!” 

The New Republic listened to the whole sermon:

Robinson’s call for the “killing” of “some folks” came during an extended diatribe in which he attacked an extraordinary assortment of enemies. These ranged from “people who have evil intent” to “wicked people” to those doing things like “torturing and murdering and raping” to socialists and Communists. He also invoked those supposedly undermining America’s founding ideals and leftists allegedly persecuting conservatives by canceling them and doxxing them online.

“Kill them,” Robinson added. “Some liberal somewhere is going to say that sounds awful. Too bad. Get mad at me if you want to.”

Calls for murder don’t “sound awful,” they are awful. This is not normal, no matter how much MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump may desperately want it to be so. 

This is what we’re fighting against this November.