Worlds of Aria Release Date Promises D&D-Inspired Madness This Fall

Worlds of Aria, a tabletop and Dungeons & Dragons-inspired “cheeky co-op adventure” starring none other than Critical Role‘s Laura Bailey, has an official PC release date.

The game, which sees a party of four characters embarking on an off-kilter and wacky journey to save a kingdom, will arrive on PC via Steam on September 24th, and it’s also coming to Switch “a little later”, according to a press release.

Said press release also describes the game’s tone as “very much like the funny bits of Baldur’s Gate 3“, so if you appreciated that game’s tabletop-style chaotic shenanigans, then Worlds of Aria is definitely one to check out.

Worlds of Aria‘s brand of tabletop madness is heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Either solo or with up to three friends, you’ll embark on an adventure to save a kingdom from “a duplicitous Duke”, which, I think we can all agree, is the worst kind of duke.

Twelve characters are available, each with a different personality, and you can choose whether you want to use your unique skills to contribute to the party or simply to do your own thing.

Worlds of Aria boasts the involvement of Critical Role‘s Laura Bailey, marking the second game in a month or so to count a Critical Role star among its roster.

It’s difficult to describe Worlds of Aria‘s peculiar brand of madness in words, so if you want to get a better idea of what you’re in for, you can check out the game’s release date trailer right here.

You might recognize developer Ludogram’s name from Firebird, a narrative road trip adventure heavily inspired by Slavic folklore.

Publisher Ishtar Games, meanwhile, is the indie publishing label for Nacon, a major French studio which counts games like GreedFall 2 and Terminator: Survivors. You might know Ishtar’s name from projects like Dead In Vinland.

Worlds of Aria launches for PC via Steam on September 24th, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in the future as well. Stay tuned for more!