Satisfactory 1.0 Release Date and, Uh, Flushable Toilets Revealed

Coffee Stain has announced the Satisfactory 1.0 release date, and the factory sim is leaving Early Access in just a couple of months, bringing lots of new features as part of its full release.

Per a Steam announcement, Satisfactory launches in full on September 10th, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll finally be able to flush the toilet in the HUB when 1.0 arrives. Your living conditions are about to improve!

If you really need to know about the other features (which, of course, you don’t, because flushing toilets are pretty much all any game needs), then you’ll be pleased to know there is other stuff coming to Satisfactory for its 1.0 release as well.

Satisfactory 1.0 is launching in just a couple of months.

Resource nodes have received a major overhaul in Satisfactory 1.0; a number have been either added, altered, or removed, with the bulk of reductions occurring in the game’s Northern Forest zone to encourage players to spread their wings.

Changes have also been made to recipe costs in order to “promote smoother transitions” between recipe tiers, with particular attention being paid to late-game recipes. 

You can also look forward to changes to research trees, power generators, and more, as well as technical optimizations across the board. Of course, none of this actually matters, because I’ve already mentioned the flushing toilets.

Coffee Stain has released a rather tongue-in-cheek trailer to mark the impending arrival of Satisfactory 1.0, and you’ll never guess what feature it focuses on. Here’s the trailer in all its glory.

If you’re unfamiliar with Satisfactory, it’s a factory sim that allows you to build a complex network of machines and “enter conveyor belt heaven”, as Coffee Stain puts it. 

Satisfactory also offers a touch of combat and exploration alongside its building gameplay, so if you prefer your factory sims with a dash of danger, this is definitely the one to look at.

The game was revealed in March 2018 and was initially set for an Early Access release in 2019, although it wouldn’t actually see the light of day until the following year. Since launch, it’s received a number of updates, adding features like blueprints, a biome overhaul, and more.

You’ll be able to check out Satisfactory 1.0 when it launches on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on September 10th, and if you can’t wait that long, the Early Access version is available right now.