Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Fireworks in NYC, Burn American Flags

A cadre of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted July 4th fireworks in New York City as they paraded through the streets while burning American flags and chanting anti-Israel rhetoric.

Video of the march went live on Thursday, sparking ongoing concerns about the sudden rise in anti-Jewish sentiments that have erupted over the past year.

According to the New York Post, the mob of roughly 100 people were heard shouting, “Burn it down!” in Washington Square Park as part of a “Flood Manhattan for July 4th” demonstration:

At least one person was arrested, cops said, but they did not disclose the charges the alleged perpetrator was facing.

Video shows a New Yorker in a Yankees hat trying to reason with the group, but he’s quickly shouted down by a man in glasses who gleefully cheers “F–k Israel! F–k America! Woohoo!” as his fellow pampered trust-fund radicals giggle in approval.

The camera then pans down to a tattered Old Glory, smoldering next to a poster depicting Trump and Biden wearing crowns beneath “DEATH TO ALL KINGS” in big block letters.

As Breitbart News reported this week, 49 percent of Americans believe that antisemitism has become a serious problem in the United States.

“Forty-nine percent of Americans believe antisemitism is a ‘very serious problem’ in the United States, a recent Gallup survey found,” it said. “The survey published on Monday also said 32 percent of respondents believe it is ‘somewhat of a problem,’ while 10 percent believe it is ‘not much of a problem.’”

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