Joy Reid Reaches New Heights in Not Only Trump Derangement Syndrome—but Derangement Period – RedState

In these troubled times, knowing that at least some certainties remain intact is reassuring. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. The weather will be hotter in summer than in winter. And Joy Reid will say something so utterly separated from reason, logic, and fact that the question arises whether this is reality or a superbly executed LARPing of a lunatic liberal. You decide.

The latest episode comes to us courtesy of Jason Whitlock on X:

As a public service, I have spared you the 3:26 minutes of listening to this and provided a transcript. With commentary, of course.

Y’all just tell me who the nominee is going to be. Let me know when you guys are finished fighting amongst yourselves who I got to vote for in November to keep Hitler out of the White House. That’s all I wanna know — who I got vote for to keep Hitler out of the White House.

Hmm. I didn’t know Hitler was on the ballot and … oh, you mean Trump! Darned if I’ve missed where Trump started a world war and exterminated six million people because of their religion. It must have happened during hockey season.

Y’all do your thing; play in traffic all you want in front of these Republicans, acting a fool in front of these people instead of privately declaring your stuff, but don’t text me no more ‘cause I’m not taking no more of these texts.

Like anyone who matters texts you, Joy.

Just let me know when you guys are finished figuring it out, Democrats, ‘cause I know y’all the freak-out people.

As opposed to your calm, level-headed, rational discussion of current events. Like laughing off a rape victim.

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Go ahead and freak out, have your conversation, and then let me know who I gotta vote for to keep Hitler out of the White House. That’s it. I’m done.

Ah, but she’s not.

Oh, and by the way, if it’s Biden in a coma, I’m-a vote for Biden in a coma.



I don’t even really particularly like the guy. Lot of his policies? Don’t like ‘em. He’s not Donald Trump, right? Yeah. Hitler. White House. We keepin’ him out. Keeping Project 2025 out.

Then you’re going to have to outlaw the Heritage Foundation, as Project 2025 is their baby.

That’s all I care about up and down the ballot from the rooter to the tooter; school board all the way up to the White House and everything in between — governors, members of Congress. I’m just gonna vote all the way down to keep these people out.

I’m sure they’re terrified.

The Project 2025 thing is the whole Republican party. 

Joy … we’ve discussed this already.

At this point, It’s not about Biden. It is not about him. It’s above me now. There’s a Best Western next door. 

In case you missed the reference.

It is about keeping Donald Trump and his Project 2025 friends out of power. That’s it for me, y’all. Y’all let me know what you think.

I would, Joy, but I have neither the time nor the crayons required.

And another thing. (Laughs) I’ve always got another thing. You guys do know that in 2020, y’all Democrats had choices of young people? You had a young LGBTQ guy, Mayor Pete. You had a Latino. You had, uh, Kamala Harris. You had Liz Warren. You had all these choices that were all younger than Biden; fresher, and newer, than Biden. And you know who y’all picked to be the president and the nominee? Joe Biden. (Laughs) He beat all the young people. 

Shows you how bad the young people were.

So, yes, we have a gerontocracy problem on the Democratic side; way too many of these oldie goldies who don’t seem to want to sit down and retire. But when given the choice between the young and fresh and Joe Biden, y’all picked Joe Biden. (Laughs) That was who you picked. So he’s in there, because Democrats actually picked him in the first place. So just keep that in mind; that you’ve been given options in the past, and this is what you picked.

Yes, they did. Egged on by a media that labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop Russian disinformation.

And nobody stepped up to choose to run against him in the primaries. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would like a word.

So, once again, Democrats went out and voted and picked. If you try to undo that choice — like, 57 million some-odd Democrats voted in these primaries — so what are you going to do? You gonna just tell them eff off; we’re gonna pick somebody different that’s not him or Kamala Harris who was on that ticket too; on those ballots? That’s not democracy. (Laughs) This choice has been made! 

Too bad we live in a constitutional republic, Joy. Also, the Democrats can nominate whoever they want.

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And so again, unless he decides to walk away, this is your choice. It’s like when you go to a wedding. You got chicken or fish. You can eat chicken or fish or just be hungry. Or, like when I was growing up, in my house it’s what Mom made for dinner or go to bed. (Indecipherable) You don’t always get choices you love. You get what Mom made for dinner or take your ass to bed. And in this case, it’s either what Mom made for dinner or Hitler. (Laughs) I’m voting for whoever ain’t Hitler. And it ain’t him. And I’m going all the way down that ballot rooter tooter from school board to the White House. This is about power and about picking not Hitler.

Please leave humor for the comedians, Joy. Even if you are a joke.

While such moments provide high hilarity, they also highlight how utterly desperate the left has become. The mouthpiece for a network that spent the entirety of Joe Biden’s campaign and term in office covering for him is now trying to shift blame to the Democrats for not pushing their dumbest … pardon me, youngest candidates into general elections, which would see them slaughtered. Apparently, Joy Reid is hoping that our memories are even shorter than Joe Biden’s. They’re not, and we are happy to supply the receipts.