Adult Swim delists four more indie games, stating developers are “not available” to take over as publisher

Adult Swim is delisting several more indie games, including Mega Coin Squad, Super House of Dead Ninjas, Traverser, and Zenzizenzic.

In matching statements posted to all its titles’ Steam pages, Adult Swim said that as it was “no longer able to continue as publisher” following changes at Warner Bros. Discovery, the games had to be “shut down”.

“Adult Swim is no longer able to continue as publisher for this game, and the developer is not available to take over as publisher at this time,” the former publisher said.

“As a result, [game name] will be shut down on July 15th, 2024. Thanks for playing.”

Back in May, Warner Bros. Discovery said it was returning ownership of some titles from Adult Swim Games back to developers.

While Landon Podbielski, the maker behind Duck Game, and Rise & Shine developer Super Mega Team said at the time they had received notice of ownership returning to them, at least one developer – Bitmap Bureau Ltd, which developed Super House of Dead Ninjas under the name Megadev – says they haven’t been approached.

Responding to messages on social media, the team told fans that the team was “still active under a new name” and was “more than willing to keep Super House of Dead Ninjas alive”.

“We did reach out a couple of times but didn’t receive a reply,” the team said in a different X post. “We did however hear about another potential lead, but we’ve just been too busy to follow it up – guess we’d better get a move on!”