Zenless Zone Zero Trailer Highlights Ellen’s Dual Lives

miHoYo has a new trailer available for Zenless Zone Zero, which launches worldwide on July 4th. The spotlight is on Ellen Joe, who attends high school but also moonlights as an Agent for Victoria Housekeeping, one of the many factions in New Eridu. Check it out below.

While hanging out with friends, Ellen appears reserved but still enthusiastic. When it comes time for a commission, she employs a massive pair of scissors to dismantle enemies. As an S-Rank Agent, Ellen will be the first limited-time character banner when the free-to-play hack-and-slash title is available. Her Style is Attack (if it wasn’t obvious), dealing Ice damage.

Zenless Zone Zero will be playable on iOS, Android, PS5 and PC on release. You can check out our feature for more details on the combat, how the different Styles affect each character’s role in combat and much more. Head here for more information about new content available at launch, including the new Lumina Square.