XDefiant on console is “unplayable” due to constant framerate issues, unusable abilities

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Though plenty of hype surrounded it before launch, a handful of major hiccups have caused a less-than-ideal release for XDefiant Season 1. Several global issues, including hit reg problems, bot lobbies, and the frustrating army of spider bots, plague PC and console players. And even though the developers have promised to provide fixes as soon as possible, the avalanche of complaints continues to mount, especially with PS5 and Xbox gamers constantly experiencing drastic framerate issues.

Over on Reddit, disgruntled user BoxPuzzleheaded8512 said, “The game is completely unplayable on PS5” due to several issues. Aside from consistent framerate drops, unusable abilities have also been a significant problem, with character skills somehow being disabled for the entirety of a match. Of course, they also called out the recently introduced Ranked mode, which some had already labeled a “trainwreck” beforehand.

Other players echoed the same issues, as user No_Fly4077 agreed that the game is “[broken] right now.” Fortunately, Executive Producer Mark Rubin and the XDefiant dev team have already acknowledged the issues, so a fix to XDefiant’s console framerate issues should be arriving soon. However, Rubin did note in a post that although the fix will be coming “in an emergency patch,” it “still takes a day or two, and a holiday this week doesn’t help.”

Despite these promises, though, patience seems to be running thin for most of the game’s community. If the game’s biggest issues, including hit reg, spider bot design, and Season 1’s Ranked mode, aren’t fixed soon, XDefiant could see a mass exodus of players, especially with the Black Ops 6 release date fast approaching.

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  • Release Date:
    May 21 2024
  • Platform(s):
    PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X
  • Genre(s):
    First-Person Shooter, Multiplayer, Shooter