Boston Globe Editorial Board Asks Biden to Step Aside

The Boston Globe editorial board joined the chorus of legacy media outlets calling for President Joe Biden to step aside in the wake of his poor debate performance last Thursday.

“In the days since last week’s presidential debate, President Biden’s team has said little that adequately explains why his performance was historically bad, beyond that he had a cold,” the Globe editorial board wrote. “What we mostly heard instead was the closing of ranks around a beleaguered and wounded candidate.”

While the board acknowledged that Biden’s exit would cause a multitude of problems, they ultimately conceded that the party would unite behind whomever they happen to nominate:

Contrary to the idea that the party will fracture from the battle for delegates, there are many reasons to believe that, thanks to Trump, it will come together behind its candidate, united by concerns that Trump will threaten the rule of law, politicize the Department of Justice, erode abortion rights even more, abandon America’s traditional role as leader of the Western world and perhaps exit NATO altogether, impose Draconian remedies as part of his border crackdown, end any US effort to battle climate change, and spike inflation with a broad tariff regime. The former president’s repeated promises to prosecute his political enemies might also focus a few minds.

Some will raise concerns about whether Biden’s campaign war chest would be lost if Harris was not the candidate. Or that the party might be unable to get on the ballot in Ohio if it does not select its candidate until the convention. Or that a three-month general election campaign is not enough time to introduce a new candidate to the country. But election law experts say the Ohio and campaign funds problems are easily surmountable. And European nations routinely hold national elections that last only weeks. Many Americans would be happy to have one so short.

The editorial board said that none of this would be possible unless Biden himself steps aside and lets the party decide the candidate. They further encouraged party leaders to persuade him to leave. In the event that Biden stays, the editorial board said he must absolutely be doing more to assuage concerns by doing live interviews in difficult places like Fox News and Town Halls with tough questions from a live audience.

As Breitbart News reported on Wednesday, it appears that Biden has no plans to drop from the race and the Democrat governors have publicly backed him.

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