Seven Knights Idle Adventure teams up with Shangri-La Frontier to bring over three powerful new heroes

Netmarble has announced a new collaboration for Seven Knights Idle Adventure with the hit TV series Shangri-La Frontier. This team-up will bring over three powerful new characters, including the show’s bird-based main character, and a special dungeon to barrel your way through.

Until July there will be two Shangri-La Frontier flavoured events to enjoy. The Rate Up Summon Event will give you a higher chance to summon one of the three collaboration units, perfect to beef up your team. Or, you can simply log in for 14 days in the Check-in Event to acquire the Collab Heroes and Shangri-La Frontier Hero Summon Tickets.

Our first hero is the main character Sunraku, a man who revolves around luck. He has a buff that boosts Critical Hit Rate, final Critical Hit Damage, and final Evasion when using his single target damaging active skills. When his Critical Hit attack lands he will inflict bleed on his opponent, and boost his allies’ Critical Hit Rate.

Arthur Pencilgon also follows this trend of buffing her allies, being able to increase the final Attack of all her allies. When she attacks a bleeding target her Critical Hit attack’s final damage increases. Pair her with Sunraku and his Critical Hit buff, and you will have yourself a formidable duo.

Our final hero is Oikatzo, who can impart a massive buff that enhances three stats to deal huge damage to their target. They will also inflict more damage if the target is paralyzed. If you fancy other Arthur Pencilgon or Oikatzo, you can pick them up through the Wolfgang Challenger Pass.

After picking up your new squad, you can tackle up to stage 18,400 with this latest update. You can also take on the new Shangri-La Frontier Collaboration Dungeon for a bit of a challenge. Finally, the Blacksmith’s Challenge is still ongoing until July 10th, allowing you to earn currency to trade at the event Shop.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.