Biden’s Team Is “Freaking the F*** Out” Over Debate Performance

Doggett referred to President Lyndon Johnson, who “made the painful decision to withdraw” from the 1968 election due to his waning popularity against Richard Nixon. “President Biden should do the same,” Doggett said.

Biden’s lackluster performance at last week’s presidential debate, in which he gave lengthy, often incoherent answers and repeatedly failed to refute Trump’s dangerously inaccurate claims, has created growing waves of dissent throughout the previously united Democratic Party. In the debate’s wake, Democrats have started pushing for Biden to step aside, so that a younger candidate can take up the mantle of securing the White House.

This dissent may only continue to grow among Democratic lawmakers. While the Biden campaign has rushed to assure donors and activists that the president is still up for the task of defeating Trump, there has been little outreach to the Democrats on Capitol Hill, according to Politico.