Transformers: Galactic Trials Is an Action-Racing Roguelite Coming This Fall

Hasbro and publisher Outright Games have announced Transformers: Galactic Trials, a new action-roguelite with racing elements that takes place in – you guessed it – the Transformers universe.

Development is being handled by Race with Ryan studio 3DClouds, but don’t let that discourage you; these are also the folks that made…erm…Paw Patrol Grand Prix and Gigantosaurus Dino Kart.

Still, maybe this one will make you happy if you’re hankering for some Transformers action. Launching on October 11th, Galactic Trials combines “arcade racing and robot combat” with some of the most iconic Transformers characters going.

Transformers: Galactic Trials combines arcade racing with roguelite action.

Characters available to play as include Optimus Prime (for what Transformers game is complete without him?), as well as Megatron, Bumblebee, Elita-1, and many more.

Gameplay consists of racing along tracks in your Transformer’s Alt mode before switching to Bot mode to engage in third-person combat, during which you’ll battle other bots for supremacy.

Progressing through the game’s main Galactic Trials mode will give you the chance to unlock relics and improve your characters’ skills, as well as unlocking new characters and skins.

If you feel like simply jumping into a quick bout, however, Transformers: Galactic Trials also supports a two-player Arcade mode, which pits you against a friend in split-screen multiplayer.

This is far from the Transformers’ first excursion into the world of video games. Notable previous efforts on this front include Platinum’s Transformers: Devastation, a character action game with a focus on stylish combat (because, well, Platinum), as well as the 2023 shooter Transformers: Earthspark – Expedition.

Where exactly Transformers: Galactic Trials will land in the pantheon of Transformers games remains to be seen, but we’ll get to find out later this year. Transformers: Galactic Trials launches across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on October 11th. Stay tuned for more on this one.