IGG’s Viking Rise Has Just Landed This Dream Collaboration – Gamezebo

Viking Rise, the acclaimed mobile and PC strategy-MMO from Lords Mobile developer IGG, has welcomed a host of guest heroes in its first major collab event with Vikings: Valhalla. And they fit right in.

Collaborating with Amazon MGM Studio, IGG has introduced several characters from MGM Television’s popular series on Netflix Vikings: Valhalla, along with exclusive skins, equipment, and storylines. 

The event began on May 15th, and is set to run till August 8th. 

Players have already claimed prizes by inviting friends to join their teams, playing minigames, logging in daily, and making in-game purchases. But there’s still plenty of time to claim your own share of the prizes. 

The Viking Rise x Vikings: Valhalla event features a storyline crafted exclusively for the collaboration.

It follows the journey of  the show’s three main characters—Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksotter, and Harald Sigurdsson—as they become shipwrecked on their way to Kattegat and thrust into the world of Viking Rise. 

During the course of this special campaign you’ll experience the story from different perspectives, make pivotal decisions, and interact with the show’s trio of warriors. 

There are special in-game events, Collab Heroes from Vikings: Valhalla, Map March Emotes, City Skins, City Decor Items, Avatar Frames, and more. 

For the uninitiated, Viking Rise is an online mobile and PC world-building strategy game that sees you assuming the role of Viking leader and attempting to tame the uncharted world of Midgard. 

Because you’re a Viking, that means exploring, plundering, hunting, and fighting—but it also means developing your technology, raising crops, and providing a safe home for your people. 

Being an IGG title, Viking Rise pulls out all the stops in terms of gameplay and presentation. Not only does it look incredible, but it features a full day-night cycle, weather effects, and seasonal changes.

There’s also a huge amount of variety, with plenty of management and trade to complement the violence and plunder. You’ll engage in seafaring, too, not only for exploration but to outflank enemy forces by exploiting the speed of maritime travel. 

The game also lets you summon heroes—and for the next couple of months those heroes include three of the coolest, toughest, and buffest characters you could ever hope to meet. 

You can follow Viking Rise on Discord and Facebook. Download it for free right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or the Viking Rise site.