Identity V revives its silliest collaboration as new Sanrio costumes drop

It turns out that the world’s most unbelievable collaboration was so ridiculous, that Identity V is doing it twice. The cute and fluffy cutters of the Sanrio universe will be making their way back to the dark, dangerous world of NetEases’ 1v4 asymmetrical game, and just what are they thinking?

This second wave of Sanrio characters comes under the event dubbed Kuromi’s Spaceship Program, so you can assume who one of them is. At least Kuromi somewhat suits the world of Identity V with their impish hat, however, you can also recruit My Melody, who absolutely does not.

If you complete the event missions then you will earn yourself the Stunning My Melody and Merry Kuromi portrait and portrait frames. Manage to tick all these tasks off, and you can take your choice between one of the two B Crossover Accessories, with them also being available in the store, along with the actual characters.

Stunning My Melody will be available as an A Costume for the Cheerleader survivor, and you can hunt people down with the Merry Kuromi skin on the Bloody Queen. Both of these will put you back 1,388 Echoes, or 1,178 with the first-week discount. Likewise, you can also pick up the My Melody’s Glasses and Kuromi’s Glasses at a discount. It will cost you 228, going up to 288 after the discount runs out.

If you missed the first Sanrio crossover then don’t fret, as it is also returning for this event. Complete the quest to get the Hello Kitty Dream and Dreamy Cinnamoroll portrait and frames, or Costume Remnants if you collect them last time. Head to the shop and you can pick up the Hello Kitty Dream Gardner Costume, Dreamy Cinnamoroll Photographer Costume, and the Mechanic’s Doll Pets for both.

The Sanrio event will last until July 26th, so make sure to download Identity V From the App Store and Google Play.