Twitch now has its own version of YouTube Creator Awards plaques for streamers

Twitch streamers, will you be receiving a Bleed Purple Statue?

Among YouTube creators, one surefire way to show you’ve made it is if you’ve received a YouTube Creator Award. These are physical plaques that YouTube sends to channel owners who’ve hit certain subscriber milestones.

At Twitchcon Europe 2024 in Rotterdam on Saturday, Twitch announced its own version of these physical awards: Twitch Streamer Achievement Awards.


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The awards will be given out under Twitch’s Streamer Achievement Program. Unlike YouTube, which bases awards on subscriber milestones, Twitch is focusing on rewarding creators for viewership milestones. 

Twitch streamer award eligibility

Twitch streamers who hit certain viewership numbers based on hours watched will receive a Bleed Purple Statue

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Like YouTube’s version of the program, there will be three different milestone tiers that Twitch streamers can hit which will reward them with three different versions of the Bleed Purple Statue.

Let’s compare the two programs:

Over on YouTube, channels that hit 100,000 subscribers receive a Silver Creator Award. Once a channel hits 1 million subscribers, they are eligible for the Gold Creator Award. The final award is the Diamond Creator Award, which YouTubers receive when their channel hits 10 million subscribers. (YouTube also did create a special edition award that they gave to MrBeast when his channel hit 200 million subscribers.)

In order to receive a Bleed Purple Statue, Twitch streamers must hit 5 million hours watched on their channel. If they hit 50 million hours watched on their channel, there is a Marble version of the award. Hitting a whopping 250 million hours watched on their channel nets them a Chrome version of the award. 

Twitch streamer LittleBigWhale was the first to receive a statue live at Twitchcon Europe, where Twitch first unveiled all three versions of the award.

According to Twitch, eligible creators will receive invitations to accept their Bleed Purple Statue later this summer.