Massive Palworld Update Brings New Island, New Pals, and Much More

Pocketpair has released a new Palworld update, and this one’s a big one, bringing a brand new island to explore, new Pals to meet and befriend (or potentially exploit), and more.

We first learned about this update during the Summer Game Fest Live showcase, but now, the full patch notes have been revealed, showing just how much is being added.

First up, you’ve got a whole new island to explore in the form of Sakurajima, which will give you the chance to battle the new Moonflowers faction, as well as to explore a new area and meet plenty of new Pals.

New Pals and more are waiting for you in the latest Palworld update.

If you’re of a mind to take on other players, then a new arena in the Dessicated Desert will give you the chance to do just that, but if you prefer more PvE-focused engagements, you’ll want to try out the new Oil Rig Stronghold instead.

Said Oil Rig offers the chance to amass the new Crude Oil resource, which allows you to craft Plasteel, an essential material for higher-tier upgrades.

Palworld‘s level cap has been increased to 55 in this update, too, giving you the opportunity for further adventures, and you can also look forward to tons of new weapons, items, and cosmetics.

This is, of course, all in addition to the usual smorgasbord of bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements, all of which should hopefully give you a good excuse to head back into Palworld and start up those production lines once more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Palworld, it’s an open-world survival-crafting game that takes influence from the likes of Pokemon and Ark: Survival Evolved.

The game, which is currently in Early Access, sees you roaming an open world, meeting creatures known as Pals, and working alongside them (or cruelly exploiting them) to achieve whatever ends you desire.

Palworld has picked up a massive number of players since its launch back in January, no doubt aided by its inclusion as a Game Pass game on day one, although its Steam numbers are also mighty impressive.

You can check out Palworld right now on PC via Steam, and it’s also available on Xbox.