hololive staff and VTuber A-chan retires

hololive staff and part-time VTuber A-chan will retire from Hololive and Cover Corporation by the end of this month, the performer announced this week.

A-chan announced her retirement is officially set for June 30th, 2024, via her Twitter/X account – making this last Friday effectively her final day.

The hololive staff said in her letter that she could not return to work for Cover Corporation as planned. She said that she has to help a relative who have health problems in the last three months, and for that, she took a break.

The VTuber expressed her gratitude for all who supported her in the last seven years at hololive, and is especially thankful for supporting her best friend Sora Tokino to reach her dream.

She will still be supporting Sora Tokino and hololive as an ordinary fan and hopes she would be more beloved across the world.

A-chan also known as Friend A (or Yuujin A), is one of the veterans of hololive Productions and Cover Corporation back in 2016, when she and Sora Tokino approached Motoaki (Yagoo) Tanigo to help Sora achieve her idol status.