The Veilguard Character Creator – Complexions, Qunari Horn Materials, and More Detailed

A few weeks ago, BioWare unveiled Dragon Age: The Veilguard in all its glory, from an extended gameplay look of the intro to extensive details on the combat, world design and character customization. It also discussed the character creator’s dozens of hairstyles and customizable combat settings. With Game Informer’s cover issue, the development team has unveiled even more.

There are numerous presets for Rook’s head and body to customize, with 40 unique complexions ranging from freckled and smooth to rugged and youthful. You can customize skin hues (cool, neutral or warm), add undertones and more. There are also sliders for melanin and Vitiligo, but that’s only the beginning.

Each aspect of Rook’s face – forehead, brow, jaw, chin, scalp, cheeks, etc – has a slider for customization. You can adjust nostril size, cataract visibility and even bloodshot eyes. You can have cauliflower ears, adjust earlobe size, ear depth and more. Even makeup has over 30 options like glitter, blush, eyeliner intensity and color, and more.

Tattoos are also important, especially given their significance to different races (Elves have unique designs, for example), and players can add them to arms, legs, the body and face. If you’re playing as a Qunari, there are options like horn type and material options (the latter numbering over 40). As for the hairstyles, they can now be dyed with non-traditional colors. Hair is also fully physics-rendered thanks to Frostbite’s Strand tech.

Of course, plenty of sliders are also available for shoulder width, hip width, height and more. You can choose from one of two voice types – English and American – each having feminine and masculine options (with a pitch shifter available for further personalization). As previously confirmed, there are lighting settings to see how your Rook looks in-game before committing.

These four options include “a bright and sunny tropical day,” a “gothic night” and the title’s “keynote purple hue.” If you’re not happy with your particular version of Rook during gameplay, their appearance can be modified with the Mirror of Transformation in The Lighthouse. Changing the class and lineage isn’t possible, likely due to how much they affect the story (like in Baldur’s Gate 3).

Dragon Age: The Veilguard launches this Fall for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Check out our feature for more details.