Democrat Party Has ‘Work to Do’ After Biden Debate Performance

Democrat strategist Donna Brazile admitted that the Democratic Party has “work to do” after President Joe Biden’s performance at the presidential debate but said he would be the party’s presidential nominee.

Brazile responded to a post on X from CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers saying that Biden is not “going anywhere” and all the people responding negatively to his performance at the debate need to “let go” of their pearls.

“Biden ain’t going nowhere,” Sellers wrote. “It’s June. Let go of your pearls and dry your bed. He lost a debate. Bad. But it’s June. You’re not replacing him. So leave your random combinations in your chats.”

Sellers continued to say that people like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) would not be nominated over Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Stop it. Organize. Vote,” Sellers continued. “We are winning every swing state senate race and gubernatorial race (NC). Relax. Choice is Trump, Biden or couch. I choose Joe.”

In response, Brazile wrote, “Say it. We got work to do. Biden will be our nominee.”

Biden’s performance in the presidential debate on Thursday against former President Donald Trump was sharply criticized by many who suggested Biden be replaced and that a “new nominee” is needed.

People such as Edward Luce, the associate editor of the Financial Times, said, “Democrats need a new nominee,” while people like Kate Bedingfield, the former communications director for Biden, said Biden’s debate performance had been “disappointing.”

Former Democratic Party presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, also wrote that Biden needs to be swapped out, noting that he was “a different guy” from when he had debated him in 2020.

During the debate, Biden appeared to freeze several minutes in. The president also spoke with a hoarse voice and mumbled.

Biden was unable to get through his closing statement without making errors.

An NBC News poll from February showed that 89 percent of Americans have concerns that Biden lacks the mental and physical health to serve a second term as President of the United States.

Sixty-two percent of registered voters said they had “major concerns” about Biden’s mental and physical health to serve another term, 14 percent had “moderate” concerns, and 13 percent of registered voters had “minor concerns.”