Blue Archive heads for nature in New Year event

Continuing the Blue Archive trend of releasing seasonal events to the Western version of the game nowhere near when they actually happened, the Cyber New Year March update has arrived. It brings with it a story centring around New Year, which it slightly missed by a few months, and two new recruits for your squad.

Our story this time revolves around the Veritas students, the famously lazy lot. The Millennium Science School hacker club are in for a rude awakening, however, as Vice President Chihiro decides it’s time for a road trip. The club will trade computers for camping equipment on a quest to witness the New Year’s sunrise.

These updates always bring combat, possibly against Chihiro for making the group go outside, so we have two new students primed and ready for battle. Hare (Camp) is an Explosive type Striker whose skillset rather amusingly revolves around Baked Sweet Potatoes. Her Basic Skill increases the ATK of allies in a circular area, whilst her EX Skill boosts the ATK of one ally. This skill also grants Hare five Potatoes, which triggers her Sub Skill, dealing additional damage when attacking at the cost of one of these sweet baked goodies.

Our second student feels tailor-made for Hares’ setup. Kotama (Camp) has an Enhanced Skill that increases her ATK, as well as a Basic Skill that again buffs her ATK, along with one other ally. This feeds in well with her EX and Sub Skills that deal ATK-based damage, as well as inflicting Confusion in the case of the EX Skill. Pop her buff and have Hare also add to that ATK, and Kotama will be quite the single target killer.

To successfully camp you need equipment, so make sure to head for the event store to earn yourself items such as the Camping Coffee Table, Camping Partition, and interactive furniture for coth Hare and Kotama. Away from this team, you can learn more about the Millennium Science Schools;’ Athletics Training Club thanks to three new Group Stories.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.