Fans upload raw 35mm scan of The Brave Little Toaster for preservation

The Brave Little Toaster is free to watch on YouTube thanks to a preserved 35mm film print that was preserved.

The raw footage hasn’t been remastered, but is available in the full quality of the original release, complete with film grain and a bit of fuzz reminiscent of that era of animation.

The Brave Little Toaster is a 1987 children’s movie featuring talking appliances on a quest to find their previous owner, a then young boy who used to spend summers at the cottage where the appliances lived.

The family hasn’t returned for many years, and when the appliances learn it’s going to be sold they leave on a search to find the young boy who used to visit them (referred to as The Master).

The film is known for its whimsical plot and its expressive animation, leading some viewers to reminisce about how “scary” some moments were such as the death of the AC unit, Toaster’s nightmare, and the junkyard (I swear if anyone in our comments complains about spoilers for an almost 40 year old movie…)

You can check out the film for yourself below.


It’s thanks to preservationists like the user “pinheadraiser” credited in the video description that films like this are able to be enjoyed by modern audiences. Gaming is experiencing similar problem, with more games becoming lost media every year.