Elden Ring Calibration Update 1.12.2 Adjusts DLC’s Difficulty

Elden Ring players just got the new Calibration Update 1.12.2 for the Shadow of the Erdtree which essentially tunes the difficulty a bit. This is a welcome change in the community who’ve been complaining about the near-impossible difficulty of the DLC.

FromSoftware balanced the game’s difficulty by adjusting the scaling of the Shadow Realm Blessings. These blessings improve the player’s attack, defense, and Spirit Ash. Devs basically increased the value of blessings for the early game to make initial encounters a bit easier to manage. After that, the progression will be gradual.

This newly adjusted power curve will prove to be a noticeable change for players who are starting the DLC. It’ll also make the journey towards the end of DLC a lot smoother.

Elden Ring players will need to log into the multiplayer server to apply this calibration update. This can be verified by looking at the bottom right corner of the title screen to make sure it says Calibration Version 1.12.2.

Aside from game balances, a bug in the PC version of the game was also fixed in this update. The bug in question caused the Raytracing settings to enable players who loaded up a save file from the previous Elden Ring versions.

The patch suggested that players should go into System > Graphics Settings > Raytracing Quality settings from the title or in-game menu to check if it’s been turned on unintentionally. After players set this to Off, it won’t get reactivated again to prevent any hitches in framerate.

FromSoftware has also stated that more game balances and bug fixes are planned for future patches. Here are the official patch notes on Bandai Namco website for players who want to read the full post.

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