Best Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Ultra Deals: Save With Direct Discounts, Trade-Ins and More

See at Apple

Apple Watch Ultra 2 at Apple

Up to $365 off with trade-in

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 at Best Buy

Save with trade-in + free services

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 at AT&T

Save $100 with a new iPhone + $180 trade-in

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 at Verizon

Save $120 with iPhone purchase and up to $180 off with trade-in

When it comes to shopping for the best smartwatch for an iPhone owner, the Apple Watch Ultra line is the place to be. While it’s true that there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there, we’re huge fans of Apple’s high-end wearables. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the latest and greatest model in the lineup right now and, although deals aren’t plentiful, there are ways to save. The same can’t always be said for the OG Apple Watch Ultra, unfortunately, not least because stocks are so hard to come by.

Apple is in an ongoing legal battle with the US International Trade Commission over a patent dispute with a company called Masimo over its blood-oxygen sensor tech. That means Apple is no longer allowed to ship Apple Watches with the blood-oxygen sensor enabled, so unless it’s specifically mentioned at the point of sale, your new Apple Watch won’t have it.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

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Both devices are ruggedized versions of Apple’s popular smartwatch with some added features for power users and athletes. The first-gen Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 aren’t too far apart in most specs, and you might be able to get a deal on the original, now-discontinued device before supplies run out.

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We’re tracking Apple Watch Ultra deals on both variations below so you can get the one you want for less. This page is updated regularly, so check back for the best deals when it’s time to buy.

Best Apple Watch Ultra 2 deals

Released in September 2023, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is Apple’s most advanced smartwatch to date. While it maintains the overall design of its predecessor, it’s been upgraded with a new S9 chip for faster speeds and better battery efficiency, plus there’s a new extra-bright display.

Athletes will benefit from more advanced metrics for running and cycling, and the extended altitude range is a boon for hikers and scuba divers. The battery life remains the longest in the Apple Watch lineup at 36 hours per charge or up to 72 hours in low-power mode.

Amazon currently offers a $80 discount on the Apple Watch Ultra 2, but these prices can often vary wildly, so that price could change soon. Be sure to check the exact configuration you want to buy before placing an order elsewhere.

Trade in your old Apple Watch at Apple for up to $365 off your Apple Watch Ultra 2. Pay with your Apple Card for financing options and 3% cash back. 

Best Buy currently sells the Apple Watch Ultra 2 with no outright savings but you can trade in another similar device and get a discount. Garmin, Fitbit or Samsung smartwatches are all included, although previous-gen Apple Watch models will score the biggest savings. 

Best Buy is throwing in three months of free Apple TV Plus, iCloud and Apple Music, as well as four months of Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness with any purchase. In addition, you can get access to one free month of MLS Season Pass. 

AT&T will give you $100 back via bill credits when you buy a new Apple Watch Ultra 2 alongside a new 5G iPhone. Alternatively, save $100 when you buy the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. You can also save up to an additional $180 when you trade in an old smartwatch, too.

Trade in your old smartwatch at Verizon for as much as $180 off an Apple Watch Ultra 2. An eligible service plan is required and you’ll see the trade-in credit applied over 36 months as bill credits. 

If you choose to combine a watch purchase with a new phone, you can get up to $120 back in promo bill credits. 

Target isn’t currently offering any discounts or freebies when you buy an Apple Watch Ultra 2, but that could change in the future.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is currently unavailable at Walmart, although there are used and refurbished models if you’d like to go that route.

Best Apple Watch Ultra deals 

The first-gen Apple Watch Ultra has been discontinued by Apple, and most retailers have stopped stocking new models. Pickings are slim when it comes to deals and direct discounts. 

Target has sold the original Apple Watch Ultra for a discounted price of late, but stocks fluctuate regularly. Right now the discounted model is out of stock and the only model available is selling for the same price as the updated Apple Watch Ultra 2, making that model a much better buy.