Second Life Mobile’s hotly anticipated public beta is now live!

  • Second Life, the hit MMO, is now releasing its beta publicly
  • If you’re a premium subscriber, you can access it right now on iOS or Android
  • There is, however, no news yet on free access for players

Second Life, the hit social MMO that recently announced it was coming to mobile, will now be available for the first time ever in a public beta on iOS and Android. You’ll be able to download Second Life from the App Store and Google Play as of the time of writing.

You’ll still need a Premium account to access it, so if you’re not already a Second Life fan, this may not be quite the free glimpse you were hoping for. But still, with this newest beta, the slow trickle of info about the mobile version of this hit MMO should increase rapidly.

Second Life should, realistically, need no introduction. However, for younger readers and indeed those who weren’t around at Second Life’s peak, it’s worth reiterating. An early precursor to the idea of the metaverse we saw touted a few years back, Second Life is an MMO that focuses less on exploring outer space or fighting dragons and more on social interaction.

Players indeed live a ‘Second Life’ as their chosen persona. Whether that’s something mundane, their preferred self or indeed role-playing as anything they could imagine. First released in 2003, Second Life can take credit for introducing many of the ideas we see, like social gaming, user-generated content and more, to the mainstream.

Too little, too late?

Of course, with that pedigree comes the obvious question: is Second Life simply too outdated nowadays? This is, after all, a game that still uses the much-maligned subscription model, and now faces stiff competition from games like Roblox.

While Second Life’s status as a pioneer could not be disputed, it may be that the other games that succeeded it have now also taken its place. Will coming to mobile give it a new lease on life or just be a waning campaign for the former king? We’ll have to wait and see.

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