Score Not One, but Two Anker Chargers and Cables for Just $13

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, device makers tend not to include a charger with the purchase of a new phone these days. This is good for the planet, but not getting a USB-C charger does mean there’s a good chance you’re going to need to buy one for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune though, and right now, you can get two Anker 20-watt USB-C chargers for just $13. Amazon is also throwing in two USB-C cables, so you’ll have everything that you need to get up and running. The catch? This deal is only available on the black variant and even then you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy the discount. Thankfully, Amazon is offering a 30-day trial if you want to try out a Prime membership for free.

Getting just a single charger and cable at this price would be a good deal, so getting two is impressive. Each charger has a 20-watt USB-C port, which is enough for fast charging even the latest iPhones. A legacy USB-A port is also included for those who need it, and this means you can charge more than one device at a time. The two USB-C cables are both 5 feet long.

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A CNET colleague of mine bought these recently — annoyingly at a higher price — and says the chargers are well built, and the included cables are perfectly fine, if not particularly sturdy.

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