Once Human conquers maths to be one hotly anticipated launch ahead of its July 9th date

It feels like Once Human has been in development for about ten years at this point, but that has clearly not blunted the excitement for NetEases’ upcoming open-world survival game. As a matter of fact, it seems things have never been better, as its appearance at the latest Steam Next Fest shows.

With the official release date of July 9th finally upon us, the anticipation appears to be at a fever pitch. Within just two hours of the demo going live, Once Human rocketed up to the 8th most-watched game on Twitch. Bearing in mind that’s every single game, with the Elden DLC also having just been released, that’s an impressive feat.

The accolades don’t stop there. After the release date was announced at Summer Game Fest, it climbed up to the third most wish-listed game in no time at all. Three hundred thousand of these came during the event itself. Incidentally, also the number of users who have played the game on Steam, where it has achieved the Triple Crown.

Within a day, it reached number one in the most wish-listed upcoming games, trending upcoming, and daily active demo players lists. Granted, two of those are pretty much the same thing and one is demo only, but it’s impressive being number one at just a single thing. It is a lot of numbers, which all boils down to the fact that you won’t be short of players for your party on launch day.

At the time of writing, Once Human is sitting proudly with 18 million global pre-registrations. This will net everyone who signed up a Meta Cap, an AKM skin Kraken, a Suprise Furniture, and a box full of handy resources. Should it reach 20 million, and I strongly suspect it may, everyone will be rocking up to the apocalypse in a pair of Dragon’s Grip Gloves.

If you haven’t already, make sure to pre-register Once Human from the App Store or Google Play now.