Dead by Daylight Tomb Raider Crossover Tests Lara’s Survival Skills

Behaviour Interactive has announced a Dead by Daylight Tomb Raider crossover, bringing everyone’s favorite gun-toting heroine Lara Croft into the fold as a survivor.

As an official announcement says, Lara is “among gaming’s most formidable – and honorable – heroes”, and she’s also apparently the most iconic gaming character of all time, so her introduction to Dead by Daylight does make some sense, although Tomb Raider isn’t much of a horror franchise.

There’s no corresponding killer for Lara, so don’t expect Jacqueline Natla or Himiko to show up and give her a hard time. That said, she does arrive with three perks to help her stand out from the survivor crowd.

Lara Croft has officially joined the cast of Dead by Daylight.

Lara’s first perk, Finesse, gives her 20% faster vaults while she’s healthy, while her second, Hardened, reveals the Killer’s aura for a few seconds instead of Lara screaming. It’s activated after unlocking a chest and either cleansing or blessing a totem.

Finally, the Specialist perk gives Lara one token every time she opens or rummages through a chest, up to a maximum of three. When performing a great skill check on generators, the maximum required generator progress is reduced according to the number of tokens Lara’s amassed.

Lara Croft is just one of the many characters arriving in Dead by Daylight as part of its apparent ongoing mission to become the Fortnite of horror games. Others include Dungeons & Dragons‘ Vecna, Remedy’s hapless writer hero Alan Wake, and Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise.

Vecna in the Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons crossover
Lara is far from the only character to appear as a crossover in Dead by Daylight.

Plenty of other horror franchises have made appearances in Dead by Daylight, too, and more are planned for the future, including a crossover with none other than Konami’s iconic franchise Castlevania.

While you wait for that crossover to arrive, you can check out Dead by Daylight right now across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can read the full patch notes for the update in which Lara Croft arrives, which is available now on the public test realm, right here.