Stellar Blade Sales Top One Million According to Shift Up Exec

Shift Up has revealed that Stellar Blade sales have topped one million, and that the studio is still actively considering a PC version of the game as well.

According to an article on Korean news platform GameMeca (for which we’re using machine translation), the sales figure was announced by Shift Up CFO Ahn Jae-woo during a press conference held earlier today for the company’s IPO launch.

Ahn Jae-woo pointed to Stellar Blade‘s user rating of 9.2 on Metacritic, which is the highest of any PS5 game, although the game is beaten out by titles like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree when it comes to critical reception.

Stellar Blade‘s sales have been…well, I won’t say it, but you get the gist.

According to Ahn Jae-woo, Stellar Blade‘s strong sales represent the first step for the launch of a new global IP, which he regards as “smooth”.

Shift Up CEO Kim Hyeong-tae, meanwhile, said that the goal for Stellar Blade was to create a new IP that fans would love, and that this was emphasized over pushing for profit or including unnecessary microtransactions.

He does, however, say that there’s a possibility paid DLC for the game (as opposed to the free updates it’s been receiving) will be released in future, especially if Stellar Blade were to cross over with another IP.

Stellar Blade PC version still under consideration, devs say

As part of the IPO press conference, Ahn Jae-woo confirmed that Shift Up is still considering a PC version of Stellar Blade, and that releasing one could increase the value of the game’s IP even further.

However, CEO Kim Hyeong-tae stopped short of announcing a PC release date or window for Stellar Blade, so it might be a while before we hear anything about the hack-and-slash game’s PC launch.

A close-up of Lily from Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade could well appear on PC sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, you can check out Stellar Blade right now exclusively on PlayStation 5. If you want to know whether the game is worth your time or not, you can take a look at our review right here.