Shadow of the Erdtree – How to Complete Count Ymir’s Questline And Metyr, Mother of Fingers Boss Location

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree brings new weapons, bosses and areas for players to explore. However, it also offers new NPCs and quests. Though many of the latter are available before the final boss, one remains afterwards. Let’s go over how to complete it.

How to Complete Count Ymir’s Quest

Before starting this quest, get the Iris of Grace from the Shadow Keep. It’s on the first floor of the Storehouse. You can also pick up Iris of Occultation from the Fort of Reprimand on Moorth Highway in the southern part of Scadu Altus.

Now, go to the Manus Metyr in Bonny Village within the Moorth Ruins. Speak to Count Ymir for the Hole-Laden Necklace and map to the Finger Ruins. Go to the Cerulean Coast and then southeast to find the ruins. Ring the bell, speak to Ymir and receive another map, but speak to Knight Jolán before leaving.

After exhausting all of her dialogue, go to Shadow Keep’s Back Gate Site of Grace, progress towards the Hinterland and the second finger ruins. After ringing the bell, return to Ymir again and exhaust all dialogues with him and Jolán.

If Ymir isn’t missing, rest at the Manus Metyr Site of Grace. Investigate his throne and take the ladder below to the next Finger Ruins. Ring the bell and fight Metyr, Mother of Fingers. Return to the throne and fight Jolán, followed by Count Ymir, Mother of Fingers boss. Return to the Manus Metyr Site of Grace and then return to the area to speak to Jolán. Choose the Iris of Grace to receive her as a Spirit Summon (Swordhand of Knight Jolán) or the Iris of Occultation to get the Sword of Night Katana.