Gladiator Sim We Who Are About to Die Gets Biggest Update “By a Lot”

Gladiator sim We Who Are About to Die has received a massive new update, which developer Jordy Lakiere says is the game’s biggest update yet “by a lot”.

The Spectacles update has been “over six months in the making”, according to Lakiere, and it introduces tons of new features, including new game modes, reworked animations, and more.

First up, five new game modes have been added. Elite Fights challenges you to take on tough bosses accompanied by minions, while Draft is described as an “army field battle” mode by Lakiere.

If you like We Who Are About to Die‘s combat, you’re about to find more reasons to engage with it.

The Tournament mode sees two teams engaging in round-based combat, and the Grand Tournament variant ups the limit to three or more teams.

Finally, the Survival mode allows you to fight waves of enemies in order to see how long you can last. If you were disappointed by the lack of modes on offer in We Who Are About to Die, it’s fair to say that complaint has been addressed.

The game’s animations have also been reworked; Lakiere says he’s “completely rebuilt” movement animations, and that sprinting is now omnidirectional. Not only that, but you can perform “all actions” while you’re sprinting now too.

As if that wasn’t enough, We Who Are About to Die‘s AI has been rejigged as well; it’s got a new movement system, new flanking logic, and shield aiming, plus more changes that should make it feel cleverer and more rewarding to outsmart.

A new map, the Grand Plaza, has also been added, and 21 new items have been introduced, alongside a host of other balance tweaks and quality-of-life improvements.

As Lakiere himself says, the full list of changes was too lengthy to list on Steam or in the above video, but you can check out a truncated version of the patch notes right here. Lakiere says you’ll have to play the game to find out everything else that’s new.

We Who Are About to Die is a gladiator-themed action-roguelike with a unique “physics-based combat system” that relies on directional attacks and full control.

Each gladiator has just one life, and you’ll have to make the most of it as you take part in a series of grueling fights that will test your mettle to its limit.

You can check out We Who Are About to Die on PC via Steam Early Access. It looks like a pretty solid gladiator sim, and as a bonus, its creator isn’t using Steam as a platform to spout hatred.