Ambitious Cyberpunk Restaurant Sim Nivalis Gets Spring 2025 Release Window

Developer and publisher Ion Lands has announced that Nivalis, the ambitious followup to cyberpunk taxi-driving sim Cloudpunk, is launching in spring 2025.

The game takes place in the same city as Cloudpunk, but it’ll offer a different type of gameplay; instead of ferrying packages around, you’ll be running your very own cyberpunk restaurant, which could potentially blossom into a nightlife empire.

As you do so, you’ll meet the locals, get to know them, and befriend them, and Ion Lands says you may even be able to find love, so it sounds like at least some of the city’s inhabitants will be romanceable.

Nivalis offers a cyberpunk slice-of-life sim that looks pretty immersive.

As well as a cyberpunk city with 19 distinct districts to explore, Ion Lands is promising “realistic weather simulation and night and day cycles”, as well as the ability to explore not only on foot but also by boat.

While on your boat, you’ll also be able to go fishing, and although Ion Lands doesn’t specify whether you’ll be able to use the fish you catch as ingredients for your meals, that seems like a no-brainer to me.

Ion Lands has also released a brand new trailer for Nivalis, and it gives a look at some “never-before-seen locations”, as well as dropping some hints as to what the game’s story might be. You can check it out here.

Of course, since this is a slice-of-life sim, you’ll be able to decorate your very own home as well, and you’ll be able to own multiple apartments.

There won’t be any kind of combat element in the game either, so if you prefer your cyberpunk experiences a little more chilled-out and mellow, it looks like this one will be for you.

Technically, this spring 2025 release window constitutes a delay; the last we heard of Nivalis, it had a 2024 release window, so it’s been pushed back a little. Let’s hope that the extra time will let Ion Lands polish the game up and realize its full potential.

Nivalis launches for PC in spring 2025. Stay tuned for more.