Level Zero: Extraction Release Date Brings Alien Extraction Shooting Fun in August

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Doghowl Games have announced the Level Zero: Extraction release date, and the alien-blasting extraction shooter is launching later this summer.

Per an announcement on Steam, Level Zero: Extraction arrives on PC via Early Access on August 6th, and if Doghowl and tinyBuild are to be believed, a great many potential players will be happy to see it arrive.

In that same Steam post, the two studios share some stats regarding the game’s recent open beta, which ran from June 9th to June 17th and coincided with Steam Next Fest, and it turns out that thousands of players checked this one out.

Level Zero: Extraction brings more extraction shooter shenanigans (what else?) to Steam in August.

According to Doghowl and tinyBuild’s stats, Level Zero: Extraction was one of the Next Fest’s most-played demos, alongside titles like Wizard of Legend 2Once Human, and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

The studios also say the game attracted almost 5,000 concurrent players during the open beta period, making it the second most popular demo on offer.

Level Zero: Extraction attracted more than 300,000 players during the demo window, and it now has over 350,000 wishlists according to Doghowl and tinyBuild, so people are certainly interested in this project at the very least.

Around 2.36 million matches were played during the open beta, and the game’s most popular firearm by far was the Nailgun, which racked up almost 400,000 kills, almost ten times as many as the next most popular option (the G-17).

Level Zero: Extraction is, believe it or not, an extraction shooter with an emphasis on horror. It’s explicitly being pitched by the devs as a game for those who enjoy the likes of Escape from Tarkov (although perhaps not so much anymore), Gray Zone Warfare, and Content Warning.

The game’s asymmetric multiplayer pits “elite PMC mercenar[ies]” against alien horrors controlled by players, with teams of mercenaries facing off against aliens, each other, and the environment while gathering valuable loot.

You’ll be able to check out Level Zero: Extraction when it launches on PC via Steam Early Access on August 6th. Stay tuned for more.