How to fix new items not appearing in inventory bug for Elden Ring SotE

While playing Shadow of the Erdtree in Elden Ring, you may be experiencing a bug where new items aren’t appearing in your inventory, so how can you fix this? You aren’t alone, and there may be some solutions to your problem.

Elden Ring SotE: How to fix new inventory items not appearing bug

Many players online have been complaining about an issue where newly picked-up items aren’t available in their inventory. Since there are quite a few new items such as weapons and armor in Shadow of the Erdtree, this is not a fun problem to have. You may be able to fix the issue of your new inventory items not appearing by checking your chest through a Site of Grace.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Sometimes, you may run out of space for certain items, or perhaps they automatically go to your chest. You may not have even realized you have a chest, which you can check at any Site of Grace. At a Site of Grace, look at your chest and see if any of the items you’ve picked up automatically got transferred there.

How To Fix New Items Not Appearing In Inventory Bug For Elden Ring Sote Chest Recent Items
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If your items aren’t appearing there, before we deem it a bug try enabling the Recent Items Tab for your inventory. You can do this by going to Display Settings and toggling on Recent Items Tab. Now, with any new item you get, you can see if you picked it up through this new tab.

Now try picking up an item and seeing if it appears in this tab. If not, then it must be a glitch. Here are some solutions you can try to mitigate this strange glitch:

  • Verify integrity of game files: Perhaps Elden Ring or the DLC have some corrupted files that are causing this bug. You can try this method by right-clicking Elden Ring in your Steam Library, select Properties, then under “Installed Files” selecting “Verify integrity of game files”. You can do the same on Xbox Series X|S by going to Elden Ring, selecting the three dots button, clicking Manage, and under “Files” selecting “Verify and Repair”.
  • Reinstall Elden Ring: It may just require a fresh uninstall and reinstall. It’s a large game, so it may take awhile to download, but it’s worth the try to see if it fixes the bug.
  • Wait for a hotfix: With any weird bug with a game launch, developers are probably already hard at work on a solution. You can probably expect a hotfix for this common bug in the near future, so perhaps you should just wait until then.

There are more issues similar to this that players are experiencing when trying to play Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree for the first time, such as the cocoon error or the inability to play on PS5 whatsoever.

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