Otherskin Is a New Third-Person Shooter With Strong PS2 Vibes

Publisher FDG Entertainment and developer Game Atelier have announced Otherskin, a third-person shooter-platformer hybrid that has more than a hint of the PS2 era about it.

Game Atelier, whose name you might recognize from Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, describes Otherskin as a “fast-paced third-person sci-fi platforming action-adventure”, which sure is a lot of genre names.

By the looks of the gameplay footage released alongside the game’s reveal, it’s taking cues from games like Returnal and Scars Above (although hopefully it turns out to be a little more successful than the latter).

Otherskin blends third-person shooting and platforming for a throwback PS2 vibe.

Otherskin will take you to Planet Vandermire, a world falling prey to a threat known only as the Corruption. Hey, I think Creatures of Ava would like a word, Otherskin.

Unlike in Creatures of Ava, though, it looks like the Corruption is turning alien life hostile on Vandermire, and it’s up to Alex to fight her way through the planet in order to learn what she can about the deadly threat.

As you play, you’ll blast your way through a number of different enemies, and you’ll be able to absorb “morphs” that will grant you new powers to help you explore your environment more effectively.

You can check out the cinematic reveal trailer for Otherskin, which sets up the game’s story and the world of Vandermire, right here.

The game will feature both ranged and melee combat, and Game Atelier says it’ll be “a breeze” to swap between the two modes depending on the situation.

While a gameplay trailer hasn’t been uploaded yet, Otherskin‘s Steam page does feature some gameplay footage, and if you’re a fan of PS2-era shooters like Ratchet and Clank or even Metroid Prime, it looks like you’ll find a lot to like here as well.

Otherskin is set to arrive on PC in the fourth quarter of 2024. Stay tuned for more on this one.