Battlefront Classic Collection Patch Fixes Cutscene Stutter, Graphical Issues and More

Aspyr has released its third major patch for Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, further improving server stability and resolving bugs. Specific issues that have been resolved include a loud sound occasionally playing during matches, a distortion effect on a player’s first-person zoom in split-screen and L3 and R3 not swapping even after selecting the option to do so.

The patch also resolves bugs regarding the UI, text, crashes, graphical problems in both titles and stuttering in movie cutscenes. As for game-specific fixes, the AT-ST loadout should now spawn on Tatooine: Mos Eilsey in the first game, while the Kill/Death Ratio in Battlefront 2 should appear in Career Stats correctly.

Check out some of the patch notes below and full details here. Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here. It received backlash for its multiplayer rollout, leading to a “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam, but subsequent patches have improved things.

STAR WARS Battlefront Classic Collection Update III Patch Notes

All Platforms

  • Made improvements to server stability
  • Fixed an issue where a loud sound would occasionally play during matches
  • Fixed various issues with the game crashing unexpectedly
  • Fixed several bugs regarding UI and text
  • Fixed an issue in splitscreen where first-person zoom had a distortion effect applied to one player
  • Fixed several graphical issues across both games
  • Fixed an issue where players could not spawn with award weapons and bonuses after reaching Legendary rank on the associated medal
  • Fixed an issue where Award weapons and bonuses could be unlocked prior to reaching the required Veteran rank
  • Fixed an issue where L3 and R3 would not be swapped after enabling the “Swap LS and RS” option
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Campaign options could not be changed in split screen conquest mode
  • Fixed an issue where the movie cutscenes would sometimes stutter
  • [BF1] Fixed an issue where the Look Sensitivity option would continue to apply to the right analog stick after enabling the “Swap LS & RS” option
  • [BF1] Fixed an issue where the AT-ST loadout would fail to spawn on the Tatooine: Mos Eisley map
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the same 501st video journal would play at the beginning and end of missions
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where English voice lines would play after selecting a non-English language
  • [BF2] Kill/Death Ratio now appears correctly on the ‘Career Stats’ screen
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the player’s weapon/item swap animation would often play twice during multiplayer matches
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where units would become invisible after entering vehicles, starfighters, and turrets
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the entire screen is covered occasionally by an effect in hero assault
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Kit Fisto could not perform their mid-air attack due to multiplayer lag
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue during the Kashyyyk: First Line of Defense mission where the third objective would not complete when first entering the CIS capital ship hangar
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Hero/Villian characters would occasionally appear to be floating above the ground
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where starfighters would pop-in while navigating capital ship hangars in multiplayer
  • [BF2] Fixed a graphical issue with the Fusion Cutter’s model when playing as the Republic
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue with the UI for the AWARD Wrist Blaster only showing the ammo count
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Hero/Villain voice lines would not play during multiplayer games
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the ground would flicker on the Mos Eisley map
  • [BF2] Hero Assault settings are now accessible in the ‘Session Options’ menu
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue with sensitivity being too slow on the right analog stick
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue during the Utapau Sinkhole – Underground Ambush mission where the Anti-Craft turret would be clipping through the ground
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where debug text could appear during Galactic Conquest
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where command posts did not display red/blue light
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Achievements/Trophy progress would become out of sync with in-game medal progression
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where medals could be earned multiple times in a single life
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where vehicles would be instantly destroyed when driven on top of a specific hill in Geonosis: Dust Plains
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where analog sensitivity would be too low while piloting vehicles, starfights, and turrets
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Chewbacca’s guided rocket would not fire in the Bespin Map
  • [BF2] Fixed a graphical issue on Hoth where the snow would appear multi-colored
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where hit VFX and animations were occasionally not seen by clients in Hero Assault mode


  • Fixed an issue where the Launch Menu would be stretched on ultra wide monitors
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox button prompts would appear with a PlayStation controller connected
  • Fixed an issue where button prompts would not display on SteamDeck
  • Fixed an issue where enabling Vsync would decrease mouse sensitivity
  • Fixed an issue where a second controller would not register for split screen
  • [BF1] Fixed an issue where the crouch button would not always function
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where footstep sounds would rarely play while in third person
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the save prompt fails to display if the keyboard is used to select a save option after a mission in the Rise of the Empire campaign
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the buy button could not be clicked in the Bonus menu for Galactic Conquest
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where mouse input would not interact with tutorial prompts in Galactic Conquest
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where headshots would not register properly